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Investing in a good quality, supportive sports bra will not only support your breasts, but help to enhance your workout. Exercising in the incorrect or an ill-fitting sports bra can not only cause discomfort during activity but can result in back and breast pain. Our breasts are supported mainly by the Coopers Ligaments, which is the fragile connective ligaments that run down the sides of your breasts. These ligaments can weaken and stretch over time, and when this occurs, sadly, your breasts don’t ‘bounce back’ – which, we feel, is a very compelling reason to ensure you are exercising in a sports bra that is the correct support level for your sport! Yes, most forms of exercise will make your breasts bounce, regardless of your cup size, but the ‘bounce’ can be minimised with the correct sports bra!


Our Best Selling Sports Bras


With the number of sports bras available, we know it can be difficult to choose just one! So we've pulled together all our best selling sports bras, and broken down the nitty gritty details on why they're so great!


How to ensure you have the right fitting sports bra


Not sure how your sports bra should fit? Or worried that you’ve gone too small or too big with your new sports bra? Here are a few of our tops tips to ensure you have the correct size sports bra.

First, make sure that your sports bra padding is in your bra. All Lorna Jane Sports Bras come with removable padding. It helps provide more shape, lift and support to the bust. With a concave that is thicker on the underside of the bust, our padding provides an extra layer of support to the bra. This thicker padding, cups and lifts the breast, ensuring it doesn’t spill over the elastic band of your sports bra.

Once you’ve got your Lorna Jane sports bra on, the real fit test begins. Begin testing by pulling it in a couple of key areas to make sure it’s feeling nice and secure. An important area to test is the under bust band - make sure the elastic is nice and firm, if it gapes too much when pulling it away from the body, this means that the size is a little too big. Next up are the straps over the shoulders, make sure they aren’t digging in too much around the shoulders and neck, which can cause discomfort and neck pain. Place two fingers under the straps and pull up and away from the body. The straps should again feel nice and firm.

Once you are happy with the fit and feel or the under bust band and the straps over your shoulders, you will need to take a look at the back of your sports bra. Check whether the straps and clips are digging in around the shoulder blade. To avoid this, find a style that has depth to the band, and has adjustable straps, so it allows you to loosen or tighten and adjust the fit.

Many of our sports bras have several adjustable features. If you are looking for an adjustable bra, the key feature to look for is a clasp back, the clasp back feature will allow you to change the bra from a racerback to a straight strap and back. Then we’ve got adjustable straps, these allow you to pull your bra tighter for more support, or loosen it off as well.

How to measure yourself for a sports bra


A little confused with the size chart, and not sure what size to order? We've got you covered. Here are some simple steps on how to measure yourself to find your perfect fitting sports bra:

  1. Measure your under bust: First, if you aren’t sure where your ‘under bust’ is, when wearing a bra or sports bra, it’s where the band of your bra sits. To measure your under bust (which you can do solo), grab a measuring tape, wrap it around your body and make sure it’s sitting just below your bust, make sure it is nice and firm along the body, but not too tight. You can measure your under bust over the top of your bra band, or for a more accurate measurement, without your bra.
  2. Measure your bust or bustline: Wrap the tape measure around your back, with the ends meeting in the middle of our bust, and make sure that the tape measure isn’t on too much of an angle. The tape measure should be running along the middle of your bust, the widest part of your chest, which should be in line with your nipples. This will ensure you get a bra in the correct width and depth.
Bust Measurements XXS XS S M L XL XXL
Bust (CM) 75-80 80-85 85-90 90-95 95-100 100-105 105-110
Underbust (CM) 65-70 70-75 75-80 80-85 85-90 90-95 95-100
AU Bra Size 8A-C 8D / 10A-C 10D / 12A-C 12D / 14A-C 14D / 16A-C 16D / 18A-C 18D / 20A-C
International Bra Size 65A-C 65D / 70A-C 70D / 75A-C 75D / 80A-C 80D / 85A-C 85D / 90A-C 90D / 95A-C
UK Bra Size 30A-C 30D / 32A-C 32D / 34A-C 34D / 36A-C 36D / 38A-C 38D / 40A-C 40D / 42A-C