Lorna Jane Nothing 2 See Here Fabric. Easy Care, 4 Way Stretch, Complete Coverage, Shrink Resistant, Moisture Management

Nothing 2 See Here™

Our Nothing 2 See Here™ Fabric is designed with proprietary light-blocking interlock technology that assures maximum coverage. You can downward dog and deadlift with nothing but confidence.

Lorna Jane LJ Cloud Fabric. Easy care, 4 way stretch, moisture wicking and breathable, LJ cloud

LJ Cloud

Introducing our softest fabric yet! LJ Cloud has an airy, soft to touch (cloud like!) feel with a subtle suede texture finish. This super soft fabric also delivers on the moisture management and easy care properties you expect from Lorna Jane, so don't be surprised when it quickly becomes your new favourite.

Lorna Jane True Comfort. Matte finish, 4 way stretch, true comfort, durable and long lasting, moisture management.

True Comfort

Our True Comfort fabric is peached on the inside, feeling super soft against your skin. It is a 300gsm compared to the 220gsm in LJ cloud - meaning it will feel slightly thicker and more supportive. Boasting moisture management properties, 4 way stretch and a flattering matte finish, they will become a new staple in your wardrobe this season.

Lorna Jane Bare Minimum Fabric. Shrink resistant, 4 way stretch, durable and long lasting, moisture management.

Bare Minimum

This buttery soft fabric will give you that next to nothing feeling. Our lightest weight fabric sits close to the skin with multi directional stretch that will have you feeling both supported and unrestricted in movement.

Lorna Jane Cool Touch Fabric. Anti-pill, cool touch, 4 way stretch, quick dry, shrink resistant.

Cool Touch

A cool and sleek technical fabric. Its glossy finish doesn’t only look athletic, but it’s cool touch will keep moisture away from the body leaving skin dry during workouts. This fabric will ensure you feel cool and comfortable from warm up to cool down.

Lorna Jane LJ Excel Fabric. Matte finish, 4 way stretch, easy care and moisture management.

LJ Excel™

LJ Excel™ is a high performance fabric exclusive to Lorna Jane. Get the feeling of cotton with the benefits of advanced synthetic fibre technology.

Lorna Jane LJ Thermal Fabric. Matte finish, LJ Excel, 4 way stretch, easy care, thermal, shrink resistant

LJ Thermal

The winter legging you'll be wearing on repeat! Soft brushed lining to trap in your body heat and keep you cosy. Engineered to keep the cold out and the warmth in our LJ Thermal Technology is the perfect fabric for venturing outdoors when the weather is cold.

Lorna Jane Seamless fabric. Seamless, 4 way stretch, anti pill, easy care.

LJ Seamless

Simple and sleek, our seamless technology gives you a fit that is exceptionally streamlined to your body. The softness and unique structure of our compression knit gives you support and comfort like you've never felt before.

Lorna Jane CoolCore fabric. Quick dry, moisture wicking and breathable, anti-pill.

LJ CoolCore®

CoolCore® fabric maintains temperature and moisture to maximise your performance and recovery. Supporting in speeding up the process to reduce sweat marks, this fabric also helps to keep you dry and comfortable no matter the season.

TransDRY™ Cotton fabric. Breathable, Moisture Management and Lightweight.

TransDRY™ Cotton

TransDRY™ Cotton fabric absorbs moisture rapidly and can quickly become saturated retaining up to 20-40% more moisture than synthetic fabrics. The fabric eliminates fabric cling to skin during exercise by transferring moisture away from skin to keep you cool and comfortable.

Abrasion Resistant Fabric, anti-abrasion, active tencel, two way stretch.

Abrasion Resistant Fabric

Abrasion Resistant Fabric is designed to resist surface wear for your tough workouts yet remain soft to touch, comfortable and durable with high tensile strength. Designed to not rub, rip or tear.

Lorna Jane Eco Fabric. Moisture wicking, 4 way stretch, easy care, shrink resistant.

Eco Fabric

Our recycled Nothing 2 See Here™ fabric is a combination of 30% conventional spandex and 70% recycled post-consumer polyester. Our recycled polyester is made from polymerisation and spinning process with 100% recycled plastic bottles. Recycled polyester is almost the same as virgin polyester in terms of quality, but production of recycled polyester cuts down the use of petrochemical and lowers CO2 emissions. Our recycled Polyester fibre under the Trademark REBORN meets the Global recycled standard and is certified with them.